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Christine Remy Artwork

Christine Rémy Artworks

Studio Eight became more than an art gallery when the still and moving images of my artwork pointed past themselves to the larger areas of the mystery of existence and the beauty inherent in all living things. The art itself lends itself to contemplation, and the space became a natural container for quietness and meditation.

As a young person, I realized that certain interior spaces had the effect of altering my perception of reality. In particular, the play of light and color in these spaces had the ability to take me to a different place and experience. Sometimes the experience could be calming, but it would depend on the time and the color and light. The artworks shown at Studio Eight have been carefully chosen by me because they are pieces that support the concept of stillness and contemplation.

- Christine Rémy

Pier Photo
Christine Remy Art
Painting by Christine Remy
Christine Remy Art
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